Free Conference Calls - Save Your Money & Connect With Others

Free Conference Call is an excellent way to make presentations to your clients and prospects. Free Conference Call is a service that lets people join any Internet-based conference call for free. This feature enables participants in a call to exchange information without having to pay any charges. It is like being able to send emails to a group of people all at the same time. A Free Conference Call service is also good for businesses that need to have presentations on a regular basis to their clients and prospects. Free Conference Call has become a very popular tool due to its affordability.

Free Conference Calls works with most major mobile phones such as Blackberrys, iPhones, iPAQs, Android phones and many more. In order to join a free conference call, a user has to download a free application for the particular phone that he wants to use. A Free Conference Call user can register for free at the web-site or can download the free conference call app for his/her phone.

A variety of features are provided by the free conference call services including video conference calls, automated attendants, multi-pointing, and voicemail. Video conference calls are the most popular amongst all the other features. The video conference calls are facilitated through the help of two-way voice over IP (VOIP).

Free Conference Call uses a system based on an identity recognition system. A unique identification number is assigned to each participant. Once this number is logged into the system, the session registration starts. During the registration, a participant gets access code. The access code is used for a specific number of calls made by that particular participant.

Free Conference Call can be accessed through the internet using various online free conferencing applications. Most of these free conferencing software are web-based. Some of these online free conferencing applications allow participants to dial in to the conference calls from their mobile phones. These applications also enable the users to send and receive documents using their mobile phones.

The latest advanced conferencing technology enables Free Conference Calls services to be accessed using a PC or a laptop. The participants need not download any application to their computers. They simply need to log in to the websites of the service provider. Most Free Conference Call service providers provide several free conference calls each month. The registration fee is charged for long distance calling.

Moreover, Free Conference Call can be used to connect groups of people located at different places. For example, it can be used to organize a virtual meeting which is available to all attendees of a seminar through the conference calling app. This can be arranged even if there is no one to attend the meetings in person.

The Free Conference Call service is ideal for short and long distance meetings and conferences where a large number of participants are available. Since the Free Conference Call service offers low cost communication, it enables small business houses to have meetings with their staff members who are based miles away from their offices. These conferences are also useful for managers who want to gather information about their employees during off-site meetings. A Free Conference Call is also helpful for those who want to share their personal experiences via video conferences. Thus, Free Conference Call is a revolution in communication technology that helps the users to connect at a distance and make easy communication with other people. Take a look at this link: for more information about this topic.

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